Hannet Shadroui Acker

She has many vivid childhood memories, discussing how her children used to entertain themselves, and Barre's Lebanese "colony."

Click here to listen (1 hr, 38 min)

Sofia Rossi Bielli

Born in 1892, her memory is very active and she reminisces charmingly about the Italian community of Barre.

Click here to listen (1 hr, 05 min)

Yvonne Brassard

Guiliano Cecchinelli

In a very interesting interview from 1977, this young sculptor from Carrara is outspoken about the granite industry. He also talks about his training in Italy.

Click here to listen (45 min)

Mark Cutler

Memories of his father's livery business and early automobile dealership.

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Emma Friberg

A bit of information about Barre's Swedish population and their customs.

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Mary Robins Guinn

This interview is good for information about the Barre Granite Association for whom she worked for from 1916 to 1921.

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Roy Lebaron

Mr. Lebaron has memories of old Barre. He attended the Admiral Dewey reception in Montpelier in 1898.

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Hildreth Martin

He talks in his well-trained basso about his father's medical practice and his own career as a singer.

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Lina Monti

An Italian-Swiss immigrant, she describes the married life of women of the Italian community in the early days-hard work, simple living, cheerful devotion to family, and a real sense of 'America, the Promised Land.'

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Ralph C. Olliver

Although he was Barre City Clerk for fifty years, he doesn't say much about politics. He does have a lot of memories of his youth, spent about Ayers Street and the old Trotting Park.

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Sergio Pasetto

He talks about growing up in the North End (Italian) neighborhood and remembers the 1927 flood, strikes and grappa (fermented wine).

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Anne Peduzzi Piro

Her father was a mason and worked on the Aldrich Public Library building in 1908. She also describes how immigrant boarders were kept in her house. 

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George Robins

This tape includes a walk up and down Main Street as Mr. Robins remembers the stores of fifty years ago. He also discusses the grocery business and how it changes over the years.

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Mattie Holt Snow

Mrs. Snow discusses her life. She was born in 1889 and delivered by an ex-slave.

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Antonietta Antivi Tomat

She tells about the Methodist Community House and other memories of Barre Italians.

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Loren Allen

A recording from June 1976 about his family lumber business and how it has changed over the years. 

Click here to listen (45 min)

Marjorie Bailey Bixby

She talks a lot about her father's medical practice in Graniteville, and has other memories of "The Hill."

Click here to listen (1 hr, 38 min)

Leona Reynolds Brown

Mrs. Brown remembers all the unusual place names in Barre.

Click here to listen (36 min)

Joe & Cordelia Cerasoli

One of Barre's oldest retired stonecutters talks about his experiences.

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Rachel and Lucy Dix

A charming discussion by the two cousins and their early Barre City years.

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Magencio "Andy" Garcia

An interesting story of his "odyssey" from Spain to Barre. He then talks about the granite industry and union struggles.

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Bernard Higuera

Mr. Higuera tells about Spanish family life and Prohibition days in Vermont.

Link Coming Soon.

Faith Linsley

A long-time teacher at old Spaulding High School, she tells about her career and changes she has seen in her 90 years (recorded in 1977)

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Morris Maxfield

An amateur historian, Mr. Maxfield has a good knowledge of local history and he has much to say about Barre.

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Richard Nye

A well-known amateur historian and compiler of scrapbooks, Mr. Nye discusses his life and Barre history.

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Karl Olsen & Kenny Lunde

They grew up on the same street and reminisce mainly about Barre's Danish population and culture.

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Manuel Paz

His parents were both Spanish immigrants and he tells about their disillusionment with Catholicism and the reasons for it.

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Dr. Howard Reid

Too modest to say much about himself, Dr. Reid gives an interesting talk about old Barre, especially horses and their training.

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Benjamin Rubel

This tape includes his description of his adaptation to Barre after moving from New York City in the 1930's.

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Stanley Tassie

He colorfully describes old Barre and his father's butcher business. Later he recalls Prohibition and the Depression and his years in the fuel business.

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Maurice Watkins

A retired granite manufacturer, he discusses the business and some interesting items about sculptors.

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Baseball in Barre

Click here to listen (2 hr, 03 min)

Garth Blow

He remembers well the bustling Barre of the '20's, the days of Prohibition, bootlegging, and a little about his mayoral career.

Link Coming Soon.

Cecile Camire

Memories of teenage years on a farm in Barre Town and information about Franco culture.

Click here to listen (1 hr, 25 min)

Adelina Frattini Clace

Mrs. Clace is articulate and knowledgeable about the Italian culture and experience in Barre.

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Wendell "Tim" Dudley

He talks about his occupation as a railroad worker and recalls the "roaring twenties."

Link Coming Soon.

Cornelius Granai Sr.

The origins and history of the Italian community in Barre.

Link Coming Soon.

Elizabeth Ellis Knutson

In a short interview, she talks about her family, one of Barre's old ones.

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Kitty Murray Lombard

Kitty Murray Lombard and family reminisce about growing up in Graniteville and her sister Mary describes her career as a nurse.

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Franklin McKeage

He reads some of his poems and remembers boarding house life in old Graniteville.

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Mary Dowers O'Grady

This interview is well worth hearing. She has vivid memories of turn-of-the-century events. She talks about midwives, Scottish customs, Barre personalities, strikes and her own life. 

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Sadia Parker

A retired teacher and principal, she recounts some of her many experiences in Barre. 

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Ralph "Gene" Pierce

Mr. Pierce discusses the childhood memories and his career in the retail business. The 1927 flood in well-remembered.

Link Coming Soon.

John Rivolta

Mr. Rivolta talks about the fire department, the granite industry, prohibition, and recalls his boyhood.

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Sylvia Jarvis Smith

The daughter of Barre's famed Dr. Jarvis tells what it was like growing up in a household where the butterscotch pudding turns out to be made of cod liver oil. Many anecdotes illustrate Dr. Jarvis' interest in and encouragement of Barre youth, his enormous energy, and his thirst for knowledge. 

Link Coming Soon.

Albertine Tetrault

With Margaret Guilmette. Memories of farm life, French traditions and the changing French-Canadian culture are topics articulately discussed by Mrs. Tetrault.

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